29- Our Family Planning

29- Our Family Planning

 We needed to consider birth control.

I mean, that’s what responsible people do, right?

Dan would be turning 30 four days before the wedding, and I had just turned 33. I had been on birth control pills starting in my fourth year of college, and afterward. We were not sure if I would have trouble getting pregnant.

Once again, I am not a dreamer or much of a planner. I had not thought about how many children I wanted or how many boys and how many girls. I hadn’t thought of boys’ names and girls’ names. In fact, eight years of teaching school had filled my maternal need very nicely. I wasn’t not wanting children, I just didn’t have any thoughts on it. Dan did not have a strong opinion either.

            What we realized was that we both wanted to trust God with our family planning and that is what we did.

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28- Flexibility is Always Important

28- Flexibility is Always Important!

Karen and I had been praying for each other about mission, marriage, or ministry , almost since the day we had met (nine months earlier), and I had been pursuing my goal of deeper Bible study. When Karen had mentioned, “I believe single women can have an adventurous life serving Jesus,” I had decided that since I needed preparation to be a missionary in Africa that I might as well get it in England where Major Ian Thomas had a Bible school.

So during the time of waiting on one man to notice me and hanging out with a man who was pursuing me, I had been firming up my goals and making plans!

Capenwray Hall, Carnforth, England
Capernwray Hall, Carnforth, England

I had applied to and had been accepted at the Torchbearer’s Capernwray Bible School that was held in an English country house in the Lake District, 70 miles south of the Scottish border.

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27- When He Asked, I Said, YES!

27- When He Asked, I Said, YES!

Our relationship took on new meaning from that point. I knew without doubt I was in love with Dan, and Dan was very happy to finally have his love returned!

Dan’s journal:

June 10, Saturday evening (more perfect timing arranged by the Lord). I asked Georgann if she thought she could marry me. YES, and we committed our love (union) to the glory of God.

June 11, GLOWING SUNDAY- picnic at Bowers with church friends.

Dan & Georgann, 1978
       Dan & Georgann, 1978, picnic at Bowers

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26- My Side of the Story

26- My Side of the Story

 The humiliating experience of being a car hop was so good for me. Friends had needed me and part of me was really happy to help out.

[Remember that I had desired to be a maid because I liked to help people.] Yet, the daily mortification was wearying.

My friend, Linda, who had been worrying about me during those months of car hopping, came through for me big time. Her husband managed a plant nursery and needed a cashier and she got me the job!

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