27- When He Asked, I Said, YES!

27- When He Asked, I Said, YES!

Our relationship took on new meaning from that point. I knew without doubt I was in love with Dan, and Dan was very happy to finally have his love returned!

Dan’s journal:

June 10, Saturday evening (more perfect timing arranged by the Lord). I asked Georgann if she thought she could marry me. YES, and we committed our love (union) to the glory of God.

June 11, GLOWING SUNDAY- picnic at Bowers with church friends.

Dan & Georgann, 1978
       Dan & Georgann, 1978, picnic at Bowers

         I had experienced that my personality pattern is to fall back into doubts after I hear from Jesus. I then have to work through the issue again and stay close to Him by reading the Word and by praying strenuously. So even after the Spirit explosion in my spirit, I told the Lord I still needed 100 confirmations that marriage to Dan was His will for me. The Lord was gracious to me and gave me many affirmations through the Word, through people, and through divine ‘coincidences.’

In my journal I wrote: God reminded me of how He had put on my heart months ago that Dan would LOVE God’s people and be available to them personally, in the same way God worked in me.

Today I understand that that was a word of wisdom from the Lord that He planted in my heart about Dan. Being open to loving people was a gift God had given me at conversion. God had shown me that Dan had that gift also.

I had been talking to my parents about Dan. When I called them to say that we were engaged, they came to Reno that week to meet him and of course liked him a lot. They, and all of our friends, encouraged us to get married right away.

Our sensible plan had been to marry in six months, but as it turned out we set our wedding date at July 22, which meant we had a six-week engagement. I truly believe that this prompting was the work of the Holy Spirit moving through people who loved us both. Because we moved the date forward, we were able to make plans to go to Bible school, which set our marriage on a course of dedication to serving the Lord Jesus.

Major Ian Thomas
 Major Ian Thomas

Major Ian Thomas founded Torchbearers International, also called Capernwray, in 1947. At the time we became interested in attending, 1978, there were schools in England, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and two shorter courses in the USA in Texas and in Colorado. Currently, in addition to these, there are 14 more schools around the world.

The schools are Bible-centered, and all lectures are given in English. The aim of the school is that the student grows in his relationship with Jesus, learns how to study the Scriptures, and gains an understanding of God’s will for his life.