36- Murmurings and surrenderings

36- Murmurings and Surrenderings

December 3, 1978   My Lord, I saw You, I heard You. You touched me today. Mr. Redpath looked like an ordinary man. But then Jesus exhorted us through him, rebuked us, chastened us, implored us—saying, “Love Me, spend time with Me, give yourself over to Me completely.”

I do, Lord.

Without reservations.

I long to, Lord. My life is nothing without You. Let me hate sin. Let me love. Let me have no other gods before You.

 Father, I know the wilderness, the testing, and I know defeat and humility. And now I know I am in the land. In the land there is victory, blessing.

Lord in spite of the cold building, the food, the atmosphere of youthfulness, the noise, the work—have a healthy birth through me.

In spite of poor communication with the baby doctor, finances, BE VICTORIOUS.

In spite of the lure of both families to come home, Dan’s and my being young in Christ, be Lord. Be victorious to get us wherever You want us in this world.


Let this be sealed by Your Spirit, with no doubts, no wavering, I pray. And if You should want more than I’ve given—just ask.

“You’ve never broken a promise, You’ve never lost a battle.”(Keith Walker)

 My hands are open. If we’re not in the center of Your will, what’s the use.

December 6  I have been worried about the food issue. Am I getting enough of this and that? Will our baby be healthy? Even thought today of talking to Mr. Redpath about just how far this trusting in God goes. THEN in second lecture, Mr. Moore spoke about God’s working many miracles of mercy on the Israelites’ journey from Egypt to Mt. Sinai (Exodus 15). With the purpose that they know that He was able to supply their needs, and to deepen their knowledge of God.

 israelitesThe people murmured against God: You’re going to kill us with hunger. He fed them with bread every day regularly—just enough. He tests us to see if we’re really prepared to follow Him. verse 16 No man went hungry! They had to go daily and take from the hand of God.

 Thank You, Lord. You clearly brought us here to Germany, You clearly will feed my baby and me! Forgive all of my worry and murmuring.

 For Thou hast possessed my inward parts; Thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise Thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made….How precious also are Thy thoughts unto me, O God! How great is the sum of them! Psalm 139:13, 14a, 17.