38- Appealing to the Father

38- Appealing to the Father

January 2, 1979  Since I went to the doctor two weeks ago, I have been counting contractions daily because he said six means trouble. Oh how anxious and fearful I have become. Rejoice always, be anxious for nothing, pray with thanksgiving, AND HIS PEACE WILL KEEP YOU. Philippians 4:4-7 (paraphrased)

Later: I am overcome! Slipped into the pit. Where does responsibility get practical for our baby? Do we become parents now and go home to prepare a place? Or do we continue in our role as Bible students and trust God for preparing a place? Also I am frustrated and so bored with the food. And there is more…it all makes me double-minded and easily tossed about.

woman-prayingSide note:
I was awake for hours that night, crying out to God silently in our tiny room, lying next to Dan: “We have no place to live, no baby clothes or equipment, no OBGYN.” Feeling panicky, praying and crying out to the Lord, I finally put it in God’s hands as a fleece and committed to totally trust what ever Dan decided: to go home early or stay. Our baby was due at the end of April.

January 2 Continued:

I trusted God to work in Dan and then speak to me through Dan about going home early or staying—wives submit to your husbands AS UNTO the Lord. I want so much to hear God’s voice on the matter.

After we talked, Dan said—“We’ll stay—the teachers we were most interested in are coming in the second term.” Instantly, I had PEACE about it! Later in my Bible reading, God said: The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His mercy. For He has strengthened the bars of your gates; He has  blessed your children within you. HE MAKES PEACE IN YOUR BORDERS, AND FILLS YOU WITH THE FINEST OF WHEAT!!! Ps 147:11, 13-14

 Spoiler: We stayed ten more weeks– until six weeks before our baby was due, which was the rule for flying pregnant. I hung on to the psalm, that God had blessed my baby within me, and was filling me with very fine wheat. As it happened, when returned home we had two large baby showers and one small and sweet one that his grandmother gave us! Friends and family came out of the woodwork to loan us their baby equipment. We found a darling brick house in a good neighborhood to rent. Dan got his old job back. I found a doctor, and we took Lamaze child-birthing lessons. God totally reinforced: cry out, cry out to Me! Trust Me! Trust your husband!