55- A Poem I Penned

55- A Poem I penned…

Christ my Lord, forsaken
Christ my Lord, forsaken of men

Feb 5 1981 Isaiah 53:3 despised, forsaken of men, a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief.

My precious One:  The gap is there

                                              My friends look

                                      But we do not SEE

                                             Eye to eye.

                                      We do not SEE

                                             the same Jesus Christ.


My Lord:                The car is old,

                                             the clothes givn,

                                   The jewelry –

                                            no gold chains.


Father Almighty:   This, too, must I give?

                                   My place of distinction

                                             in the ranks of the followers.


                                  But it was nearly

                                              left behind already.


Savior, Lord, Christ:  That LOVE, -YOU-

                                                would be

                                    Only between my friends and me.

                                    That I could accept

                                                all loss

                                    For the crown that awaits.

                                    Not bitter be,

                                                Not pitying and proud.

Isaiah 53:5 Thank You for taking the piercing for my rebellion against God.

                6 Like sheep we are astray, going our own way (rather than God’s way)


                                  It’s a way You have decided…

                                          The way each should go

                                 Therefore to judge and compare

                                                                    Is foolish.


                                 No one is better than

                                                         No one is less than

                                If You have decided…

                                                      Let LOVE be our bond.