59- A Major Change in Our Theology

59- A Major Change in Our Theology

I was steeped in evangelical theology and was being challenged in our new church with its Pentecostal theology.

August 8, 1981  I see clearly, Lord, I am surrendered– but too defeated or weak or lazy or just plain unbelieving to believe and trust You for victory in so many areas: canker sores, stuffed nose from hay fever, spotting, sleeplessness–all physical maladies. I believe You are breaking me, humbling me, by these miserable curses and so my prayers won’t change Your mind, so I try to surrender and suffer silently, passively. Yet, it seems like I am believing a lie, Lord!

A few days later I read: Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge! Teach Me Lord, speak to me! Where am I missing it?

There was a huge conflict going on! This is not uncommon when the Spirit is leading someone into new spiritual territory.


The evangelical belief questioned any focus on the Holy Spirit. Yes, He was God, third person of the Trinity, but Jesus was to be the focus. Evangelicals believed that Jesus healed when He was on earth, but that He only occasionally healed since the resurrection. They would pray but the prayers were rooted in a firm belief that if God chose not to heal someone, it was His will that Christians suffer and that He taught his followers big and important lessons in suffering. Whereas the Pentecostals believed firmly that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8 and what He did when He was on earth, He will do today through those who believe in His power. Pentecostals pray and believe for healing.

Our theology has progressed to: It is God’s will to heal. God is good and God is love and He does not afflict with illness.