63- Father, You Love Me Because of Christ

63- Father, You Love Me Because of Christ!

Sept 18 and 24, 1981

Praise to the Lord for opening my eyes as I read Ephesians 1 and 2. Our blessings from God are surely all because of Christ, in Christ, through Christ. I must know You, Christ Jesus. I want to seek You and be like You. God loves You so much and because of You, loves me!!

Chapter 1 –Father, You have blessed us with every spiritual blessing IN Christ, You chose us IN Him, You adopted us BY Christ, and because of Christ You made us accepted in the Beloved.

IN Christ we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins BY CHRIST’S GRACE.

Chapter 2 –I was dead in sin and in living in the lusts of the flesh , indulging in the desires of the flesh, by nature a child of wrath.

BUT GOD, You loved me—and because of Christ, You made me alive with Christ and raised me up to the heavenlies with Christ so that You could show how graceful You were to me in Christ. And on and on.

I am raised to the heavenlies with Christ

Father, You are talking about Your wonderful love and Christ—I can barely fathom what You are saying. I see You are so deep. How can I resist You? I trust You to lead me in Your way to Yourself. Let Your perfect love cast out all fear. Christ sounds so irresistible. I feel I have barely even scratched the surface in knowing Him. Praise to You.