71- Praising You Today

71- Praising You Today

All eyes were on our new addition! Everyone wanted a turn to cuddle him. My mom took a break from her cooking to snuggle Mark, and then the boys had their turns.

July 15, 1982 This was my experience today. I read:

Psalm 27:24a My tongue also will utter Thy righteousness all day long.

So I begin with Hallelujah! 

Because Tim was sickly and whiny, baby Mark was awake a lot last night. Stephen slept through it all. Poor Tim was up 15 times with fever so I was fatigued, and also behind schedule, getting up an hour later than normal.  Dinner prep was time consuming. Not sure why I picked something so complicated.

So I was pushed to the Lord and I went and embraced Him with praises. The circumstances did not change much, BUT I DID.

It was challenging to look above it all to Him. Stress was like a REAL force pressing on me. But I was an overcomer today.

This afternoon, the Barkleys [missionaries in the jungles of Bolivia, who had been on furlough and were dispersing their provisions as they headed back to the mission field] blessed us today with many food items, household goods, clothes. My heart was so humble and grateful—thankful to You and giving glory to You, O Lord. Receiving molasses, honey, two pretty salad plates, a tray, a humidifier—it was like Christmas! They will bring a donut maker and jackets for Dan and I.

And I will end the day with HALLELUJAH!!! 

*Art and Toni Barkley and their two sons had been on a three month furlough and were dispersing their food provisions and the possessions they had been collecting and heading back to their Spanish home. They spent eight years in the jungles befriending the people there and sharing Jesus with them. Art translated significant portions of the New Testament into the local tribal language under the auspices of New Tribes Missions. We admired them greatly and looked forward to their monthly newsletters.