76- A Scare, But We Had Peace

76- A Scare, But We Had Peace

There was a bad guy outside.

July 15, 1982

Father, two nights ago when Gramma who lived next door called late to say the sheriff believed a murderer was in our neighborhood, my blood ran cold! Fear really gripped me. We closed all of our windows to the cool night air that would have cooled the house, we prayed. Dan read Psalm 91, and I continued reading aloud in the psalms. We both fell asleep in peace.

Father, why can’t I come to that same peace about the stacks of unpacked boxes and being consistent in rearing the boys? With the stranger in the night, I knew quickly that it was totally beyond me to do any more than write down the sheriff’s number in a prominent place and make sure the doors were locked, and then take refuge in the Word. Would you bring me to that same place of peace with the boys?

This is my job: wife, mother, homemaker. This is my daily work. It is inside the home.

July 21

When I worked outside my home at the Christian School for a month, I got up in plenty of time to shower, fix my hair and makeup, do devotions, do any preparations that were necessary. That was it. I was on time, neat, tidy, ready to do my best. I went to the job even if I was tired. I got up at the same time every day even if I was tired.

I said NO to distractions that would interfere with me doing my best at the task to which I was assigned.

I had just given myself a pep talk!