88- Not a tumbleweed, NOT ME!

88- Not a tumbleweed,


What a lonely image–a tumble weed in the desert…

All of these verses are paraphrased, so I did not put them in blue.

October 7, 1982

Jeremiah 17  If I trust in man, I will be like a tumbleweed in the desert and inhabit parched places.

I am to be one who trusts and hopes in the Lord and the consequence is that I will be like a tree with deep roots by the river which bears fruit even in drought!

That is what I desire–to be found always trusting in YOU! To have deep roots and always be counted on to bear fruit!

This verse shows that my heart is deceitful and what is inside my heart is proven by what I say:

Matt 15:18-19 the things that come out of my mouth show what is in my heart.

These verses show God’s faithfulness to search my heart and give me a chance to turn away from whatever is not going to be pleasing to Him. 

1 Chronicles 28:9 the Lord searches my heart, all hearts, and wants hearts that are loyal to Him.

Psalm 139: 23-24 YES! Search my heart and lead me in Your way!

Out of my mouth too often comes impatience, anger, confusion, self-pity  =  bad fruit.

Ps 1:1-3 Meditate in the word day and night and prosper!

Wycliffe: constant vitality is assured and ultimate success is certain because of putting trust firmly in God.

October 8

And so, yesterday and today I saw my heart, and the awful fruit of it and in desperation I called to Jesus, my Lord—save me from the wretchedness of the flesh, that old man nature. I prayed desperately against each ugly thing and I saw my utter worthlessness, and Christ took over. It was a miracle. He loved my boys through me, He submitted to Dan through me, I stayed with the housekeeping tasks ignoring my ill health and the urge to escape to bed.

Jesus my victor, my king, my Lord. Jesus My life. Jesus my joy, my peace.