93- Just For Me

93- Just for Me

December 13, 1982

Annie Johnson Flint’s poem Just for Thee is the work of the Spirit. Surrendered and sincere.

From it I wrote the contrasting Just for Me!


Just for Me

I want peace, I want power,

I want joy, I want light,

I want truth, I want knowledge,

I want courage for this fight!

I want strength to do Thee service—

I want friends to lift me up

I want drink when I am thirsty,

I want junk food in my cup

I don’t want to yield to any,

Lord, I want to be on top.


Can I have beauty so they will praise me?

May I have treasures till I pop?

May I have loveliness and honor?

May I have more glory than the rest?

Give me wisdom and discernment,

I want to be the very best!

Fill me full of all these things, Lord

Lacking nothing, complete in me,

Let me lead and others follow,

By Thy grace, Lord, let it be.


Wow! I guess I knew my flesh pretty well back in 1982, and it is all still there inside me. But when any of it surfaces, I look away as quickly as I can and turn to Jesus. And He keeps saving me from myself.