97- Stressful Days

97- Stressful Days

March 17, 1983

The last several days have been extremely stressful, and I have not been coping very well. Busy with Mark’s 1st  birthday party and our kids’ friends’ birthday parties. Also babysitting our friends’ kids. Plus, Bebo came to visit from Chicago—just in time to coach Mark in learning to walk.

I’m finding myself in and out of coping.

We are in a place of such dependence on the Lord. Dan didn’t have work yesterday or today.

*St. Mary’s Hospital wants money [for Mark’s birth]. Dan went to talk to someone there.

*Dan’s truck got a warning for mechanical defects from Highway Patrol. Dan is fixing the headlights, taillights, blinkers.

*my car needs a tune-up badly

*need $12 for photos and to get Dan’s suit from the cleaners

*almost out of fire wood

*meals were stretched by Beth’s visit, although she contributed a 22 lb smoked ham. She is taking us out to dinner on Saturday

*my parents sent $25 for Mark’s birthday. I bought him gifts, balloons, streamers, cake!

*Gramma’s $10 in his card may be used at the Doctor’s Wives rummage sale to get him some clothing items or gas for Dan’s truck so he can chop wood.

*Belinda and I are fasting for God to give us immediate direction and guidance: neither family is making it financially. Our lives are so parallel right now!

I have been meditating on several verses:

Isaiah 58:6a,7a – Is this not the fast I have chosen…is it not to share your bread with the hungry? 

Ezekiel 18:7,16 [God was angry that bread was not given to the hungry, the naked were not covered with a garment.]

Matt 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty, and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in.

This is encouraging, Lord. I hear some pleasure for what we have done by inviting our friends in.