100- Rain Means We Are Inside

100- Rain Means

We Are Inside!

April 18, 1983 Oxnard visit.

My fear, Lord, is that we will be forced to be inside today because of the wet weather—that our time will be spent in entertaining the children rather than being able to talk while we supervise them playing in the back yard or the park.

By faith I look to You to keep Yourself the center of our day, and to CHANGE ME to accept Your plan, to be innovative, loving, and flexible. The truth is that I want to be entertained and not to be a minister to three little boys.

Forgive me for thinking this was going to be a vacation from my responsibilities. Forgive me for being embarrassed by the noise of three little boys. At least they are neat kids. They are so active and Markie screeches and never stops moving. There is no peace with them in the house—just outside, and then they are still demanding by virtue of their age.

May I rest in You, take refuge in You, and not worry about what My parents are thinking….

Do you get the feeling my parents were just glad we were there and not worried about the noise factor?
Bedtime is story time.