101- Consider Your Temperament – Part I

101- Consider Your Temperament – Part I

June 22, 1983

Yesterday Becky M and I fasted, skipping breakfast and lunch. The kids had excellent naps and I had excellent devotions.

Afterwards, Timmy turned on Dan’s tape recorder and the tape was Rick Howard talking about depression! Just what I needed to hear.

*by temperament and disposition some people are depressive or introspective. YES, ME!

*don’t be condemned by this.

*don’t think you are not spiritual or that God doesn’t love you.

*everyone is different. Some people wake up early and are smiling!

*Peter was not even-tempered (John 21). He got out of sorts—but Jesus came to him, accepted him.

*don’t isolate yourself. Satan loves that. Keep in koinonea (fellowship).

*when other people are depressed don’t give pat answers, and quote scripture– go alongside them, as friends did for Peter.

*realize as well that you might be in a time of great testing that can involve physical problems and overwork which can lead to depression.

I was really ministered to by the Holy Spirit with this truth. I gained insight. I feel I am able to accept this part of me and work with the Lord to overcome it.

Dan encouraged me to praise, so I did today.

Karen called, then brought me three beautiful roses, representing each of my boys and reminding me of their worth and mine.