118- Mary Did Not Have a Nursery

118- Mary Did Not

Have a Nursery

December 7, 1983

Worried about traveling to Bible School to start the fall semester while I am pregnant–but then I got a revelation: Mary did not have a nursery to bring her Son home to. I can do this!

Mary and Joseph probably traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem during her third trimester of pregnancy, walking or perhaps riding on a donkey. The road is 90 miles of uphill and downhill terrain. Because of Mary’s condition she and Joseph would probably have only progressed about 10 miles a day. The temperature in that part of the country in winter might have been freezing at night, with rain. There would have been danger from bandits, lions, bears and wild boars.

(facts taken from an article in the LA Times, December 23, 1995)

This young woman knew something of hardship.

And when her Son came forth she did not have a nursery for Him. Or soft fuzzy blankets or gift cards or disposable diapers. I wonder how they managed.

December 30 Friday

May I have any encouragement or instruction pertinent to this baby I am carrying.

(Answered on Monday)

January 2, 1984 Monday

I had been spotting and was worried about my baby.

Three of my friends came by saying to me:

*take the spotting as a warning to not get caught up in the busyness of those around you

*your home is your ministry

*you are raising a mighty army for Me

*what you are doing does not look like much now, but every bit is counting toward the building up of these men of God

*you are not forsaken

*your work is very important

*rejoice and be glad…rejoice!

*be sensitive to Dan, learn to listen to his heart. He doesn’t always speak, so become sensitive to listening to his heart.

*this house is to be filled with praises

*do not meditate on your life, your mistakes, who you are, your brokenness, but on how I broke my Son for you! What is coming out of this family is what I am doing.

1 Peter 5:2-3 Shepherd the flock of God which is among you…not by compulsion but willingly…being examples to the flock.

Lord, I know in my spirit that Your will is perfect. I feel backed into a corner—pregnant, winter, no money, unreliable car. I know I will not regret Your will. You will have to help me immediately and constantly.

I’m wondering if I was rejoicing as I had been exhorted, or keeping my eyes on the circumstances and languishing in self pity, as I was prone to do.