123- Following God’s Trail – #5

123- Following God’s Trail – #5

March 1, 1984- More encouragements from my friends!

*Carla called. I was dumbfounded. After I spoke what I felt the Lord had given me for her I felt released in the Spirit– I felt the flow of God through me. The amazing thing was that I had something from the Lord to say to her and SHE called me! [I didn’t record what it was, but noted that: I was obedient and not a ‘people pleaser.’]

*Deb called and gave me: Luke 10:19 Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

She saw Dan looking up and the Holy Spirit looking down. While she and I were praying she saw a vision of Dan and I wearing crowns of thorns going through a time of hardship, yet ahead of us there was a road paved with gold.

Also, I felt this was from the Lord, and I was very encouraged:

A Christian music group came to church and the organist was a lady from Japan named Michiko! I was flooded with emotion for (Yoshimi’s wife) Mitchiko who we stayed with in Japan.

March 7 –Spent the boys’ nap time praying again about this whole thing. God will either have to work some miracles, fine—or get us on the road in April. I cannot see me traveling 3,000 miles in a car or even on an airplane after the baby is born. I was praying and seeking and weeping, KNOWING I WANT HIS WILL, KNOWING HE GENTLY LEADS THOSE WITH YOUNG. I have 3 young and will have 4. I said, “Where are You in this, Jesus?”

The scripture came to mind: John 15:16 You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.

I am going to go on this scripture and ask Him to be faithful to it and expect Him to be faithful to it and thank Him in advance for being faithful to it. No other hint of doing this has come to me from anywhere–so I think the Spirit breathed it to me. Dan’s heart will have to be changed again. Many things will have to fall into place. All I have to go on is this moment and this scripture.

March 8 –Relinquishment of the whole thing, everything. Great tears and then peace came. God met me.

Dan said Danny & Lynn have two parties interested in their house.

March 9 –I mentioned to Dan living in Cosart’s basement after we sell our house and until we are heading for NY. There would be no power or phone hook-up costs, for one thing. It’s been in my mind as a possibility for a couple of weeks, since we went there for dinner.

Jackie S reminded me how immediately good I felt after Mark was born. I’ve had much faster recuperation each time, and a much better attitude. Praise the Lord. I am sure this good attitude and physical energy was because of the increase of prayer and support from church friends that we had at this time in our lives. There is no substitute for the fellowship and support of the body of Christ.

March 13 – D&Lynn decided not to buy our house! It’s okay.

March 15 –Mark’s birthday. We were able to make our $1,131,26 interest payment. Praise God.

March 18 –Dan said he does feel anxious to find a buyer and get on with those things that are ahead, especially his trip to NY to visit the school and a trip for us all to visit my folks.

March 23 – We decided to tithe by faith, then Dan paid two very important bills and we had no money for food till Wed or Thurs. Then Dan found $69 in the business account! Money for gas, stamps, oil for car, and food! We know Jesus knew when we’d need that money!

March 28 –I have not been faithful at writing at all!

March 30Catsup and cornmeal and flour—gone. Thinking not to replace them since moving is imminent. Carol agreed. Only God knows and He’s not telling!!