147- Just Another Day of Normal Christian Life

147- Just Another Day of Normal Christian Life

March 11, 1985

Last night after Servants’ Class (at church), driving home,  I passed an accident. Saw two young 6-8 year old boys being led from a crunched car by an ambulance attendant. An adult was still behind the wheel. I was overcome with emotion which I believe was the Holy Spirit. The trauma of the accident, then the trauma of separation from their parent—oh did we pray! the Spirit and I. Then peace came. Interesting.

With Carol on the phone today and Daniel began screaming in the midst of our prayer, obviously hurt. I tended to him. When I called Carol back I had a ‘picture’ of a lost sheep, alone, no flock. Wow. It was perfect for her situation. She agreed. Meet her Jesus!

Dan will be at Mumbo’s all night from 5:30pm-8am. It occurred to me that I’ll be alone with the kids a lot now because of Mumbo’s needs and later over the church building project. Perhaps in preparation for Dan’s schooling in the fall when he will be gone a lot and studying?? Just a thought. Thy will be done, Lord.

Timmy, Steve and Markie are practicing ‘winking’ while baby Daniel looks on.

Experiencing much rejection from friends…some persecution, loneliness—separation from Dan—but I am having victory over the flesh. Insisting on not worrying, not fearing, not getting angry. Walking CLOSE to God. How wonderful.

March 14

VICTORY SO SWEET with Sally and Julie. Should have felt mad, hurt by the way they treated me. But it all totally lifted from me as I stood in the TRUTH that God is for me and what can man do to me!! I am really living by my will and by the truth and not by my emotions.

Mark 8:33 [Jesus rebuked Peter soundly for setting his mind on man’s interests and not on God’s.]

Mark 8:34 deny self, take up cross, follow Jesus..