200 ~ Deliverances

200 – Deliverances


July 17, 1986

Psalm 106:8, Nevertheless He saved them for His name’s sake, that He might make His mighty power known. Then they believed His words. They sang His praise.

Praise God. I’m singing Your praise! Yesterday in the kitchen Markie, age 4, trying to open it, pulled the 5 foot tall metal cabinet full of dishes down on himself. A wardrobe box AND ANGELS stopped it from falling on him.

Then hours later Daniel, age 2, did the same thing (I had changed the location of the majority of the dishes so there was not much in it). This time the cabinet doors popped open and propped the cabinet up! so it did not come down on top of him.  Two things broke each time—2 casseroles and 2 Pyrex storage containers. No one was cut or hurt.


The fist accident occurred after I’d been talking to the boys’ friend Chris’s mom on the front porch. Her name is Leslie and I found out later that she is a Jehovah’s Witness. The second accident occurred after the boys and I had been at Leslie’s sister Julie’s house while I got a haircut and gave my testimony of how personal God is and how He speaks to me. She seemed very interested. She is Mormon.

The Lord was with us and He used me with both ladies. Was there some spiritual warfare involved or just little boys acting goofy? Whatever…we were covered by Him.

Later after the kids were in bed for the night and Dan was studying, I went to the store. God reminded me that I have been up every day this week for one hour of prayer before the kids get up. Thanking Him for fulfilling my heart’s desire. And for using me with my neighbors who are becoming my friends.