225 – Dan Decrees Sundays are for Rest


225 – Dan Decrees Sundays are for Rest

November 2, 1986

Dan determined today that Sundays will be a day of rest and family time. No ministry—no one to dinner, no bills, no heavy things. Picnics, hikes, snowman-building, walking over to the school. Because every day is the same for us: up early, hit it hard all day, bed. No rest. We will have a day of rest!

Dan had classes at the Bible school most days of the week. And daily work to earn income. Elim had already had two big events in the two months we had been there: the weekend of prayer and the missionary convention. We were in a weekly Elim home group. We were expected to have groups of foreign students over for dinner each month, which we all really enjoyed. We also had our weekly homeschool group gatherings and outings. We loved it all and participated in everything.

But we were pooping out and it was only the third month of school. It was a good decree.

I want God’s priorities in my life, and Jesus’ attitude of full surrender and dependency on His Father. I thank God that Dan does also and that we are in agreement.

Can two walk together unless they are agreed? Amos 3:3