262 – Friends and Gifts

262 – Friends and Gifts

March 17, 1987

Very very interesting:

*$100 in an envelope which was taped to the steering wheel as I left home for my class at Elim this morning

*fact: Rochester is a center of Eastern religions in the US (or in New York, not sure).  But it means that our 2 years of ministry to the Japanese could happen right here in upstate New York!

*Paulette is very interested in Dan’s watercolor balloons and suggested he do posters. His work was rejected a Knopf Publishing yesterday, so this was encouraging to us both.

*Stan  suggested Dan go to Mt. Hope area in Rochester and sketch a house and then take it around the neighborhood to see if people would like to buy a rendering of their house. “Do you have a Lemaire yet??”

*gift box came from my mom today. What love and faithfulness comes from them. I told her that through much thinking and prayer we will probably stay here in NY. She choked up a little. Hope we can visit–either here or there.

*Took the boys shopping in Geneseo so they could spend their job money. It was fun. The store was empty. Praise God.

*Pauline & Tom called to invite us to dinner for Thursday. They will get a video tape for the boys. We will all love it.

*Mike & Tish arrived with $70 cash and FOOD from the Married Students’ storehouse. Praise God. Dan confessed to Mike that today was THE day his faith was being hurt by all the waiting on God. Mike said today was THE day he kept feeling CLEARLY to bring provisions to us. Amazing Holy Spirit!

*On Sunday, Dan’s mom and Karen called; Bev called last Sunday; JoAnnA called Saturday. Humbling to be so loved.

*Barry, a teacher, gave us much encouragement in our life with the Lord. His walk sounds similar.

PRAISE THE LORD. We are accepted in the beloved (our friends and family), as well as the Beloved (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

…to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved. Ephesians 1:6