358 – Humbled and Disappointed

358 Humbled and Disappointed

August 4, 1989 San Francisco

Two Wednesdays ago in church someone prayed for the Lord to cleanse us and show us any sin we needed to confess. Immediately to my thoughts came: You think you are better than other people. I had to agree and repent.

Yesterday I was with Mary Prince, our neighbor with twin baby boys, at a coffee shop. She and I got a 45 minute break to get out together because she and Tom are moving tomorrow. She was struggling with the issue: the Lord says His yoke is easy, so why are you, Georgann, always so tired and nervous and unrelaxed? She strongly suggested I was always stressed out and only at times seemed a little relaxed. The thought came to me—I’m not fooling anyone. I thought I was sliding by okay.

The Lord is showing me I am undisciplined. I’m letting the kids slide. My tongue has not been disciplined lately either. So all this motivated me to be up early and prayerful.

What a way to leave our friendship. I’m humbled and disappointed in myself. But motivated.