• To focus on accumulation of wealth becomes greed.  Satisfaction is not guaranteed.
  • To focus on self becomes egotistical.  I will find myself alone, because friends and family want a give and take relationship.
  • To focus on serving others is lofty, but probably cannot be sustained if the pivot point is my own resources.
  • To focus on my children, my grandchildren, my career, my clothes, my car, my hair, the news, the uncertain future, the unchangeable past, is an empty existence.

When the focal point is Jesus Christ, I am in a love relationship that can sustain me through the deepest waters.  When He is my nucleus, and all my life revolves around His Person, there is always hope.  When keeping my faith in Him strong is my daily goal, there is purpose and passion that keeps a consoling fire burning inside me.

The love is spoken:

I love You, Jesus!  I love You, Jesus!  There is none like You.  

The hope is fed by praise:

You are worthy, Your name is exalted above the heavens!  You are the living God and steadfast forever.  Your kingdom is the one which shall not be destroyed, and your dominion shall endure to the end!

The faith is nourished and sustained by reading the word of God:

Speak to me, Holy Spirit; teach me, lead me, edify me from the true words of Almighty God.  Your Word is my foundation and my confession. 

If I fix my eyes on Jesus, the one who brought me into faith, the one who sustains me in it, and the one who keeps me till the day I step into heaven, I have at my disposal all of God’s resources.  We walk together, we dialogue, I lean on Him, He carries my cares and burdens, He meets my needs.  When I come to Him He soothes me in my troubles, makes my enemies be at peace with me.

Let’s focus on Him together, and then we are even stronger.