I don’t fit the 73-year old stereotype. I don’t look 73, I don’t feel 73, I don’t act 73. But I am, and I am very happy and in a good place.

georgann-lemaire-photo-danYes, that handsome fellow holding onto me is my best friend, spiritual mentor, snuggly lover, prayer partner, traveling mate, and faithful admirer. And I am the same to him. We’ve worked hard to get to this place of companionship. This year we will celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary.

Our friendship, courtship, engagement, and marriage happened within 10 months. I became pregnant on our honeymoon and we spent six months of our first year in Germany in an English-speaking Bible school, returning home in time to get settled before Timmy was born. When we celebrated our sixth anniversary, our fourth son had just been born. We have home schooled, been a foster family for 52 children, adopted a son, pastored two churches, traveled in the US and overseas.

I just published my first book, a memoir/handbook about our fostering and adoption experience, and am working on another one. We expect Dan’s book will come out this year. In many ways we have had a pretty challenging life, but that is precisely why we have so many stories of God’s faithfulness, His deliverances, His provision. If you’ve experienced rejection, insecurities, offenses, delays, empty cupboards –and cry out to Jesus, stories abound.

We hope ours will encourage you…