What Then Will This Child Turn Out To Be?

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The silhouette on the cover of our book is meant to represent our adopted son, David. He is standing in a doorway on the threshold of his future. I am asking the question every parent asks: what will this child turn out to be? I knew I had heard from God that I was supposed to write our story. Many, many times I would stop and agonize and cry out to Jesus—“Lord! I need to hear from You again that this is what You want me to do!”

One morning as I was pouring out my heart, David called me. “Whatcha doin’, Mom?” I told him I was working on the book. Somehow I knew what he was about to say was significant and I started writing down his words. This is what our son, 21 years old at the time, said:

Mom, your book is going to shed a lot of light on what foster care is all about. There are ads on TV and radio, but I think people just flick them off. The ads are not getting through. People think that foster care is too sad. We need a good book about what foster kids go through and how their lives are affected.

If you guys had not fostered and adopted me, I don’t know where I’d be. Foster care is important. Hundreds of kids out there are in families that can’t take care of them or they are floating around in and out of juvy ­­– but a good foster home can change all that.

These kids need food and love and tender loving care. It’s the difference between living and dying. That book is important to me, Mom. The fact that you are willing to spend the time you’ve put into it really means a lot. You’ve spent three years fixing something that would help other people.

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