80- The Holy Spirit Gives the Power to Live Obediently

80- The Holy Spirit Gives the Power to Live Obediently

August 10, 1982

The issue: much lessened income over the past few weeks necessitating cutting spending even more. No more gifts giving, only certain number of trips for Dan to Carson City, smaller food budget, possibly letting go of health insurance.

My need: attitude change regarding food. I take pride and pleasure in menu planning, cooking, and eating. It is very extremely difficult for me to die to this. Yet it is absolutely necessary. Today I spent too much at the grocery store and cannot have a physical, I guess, on Thursday.

God’s word: Psalm 78:17-20

Yet they still continued to sin against Him, to rebel against the Most High in the desert. And in their heart they put God to the test by asking for food according to their desire. Then they spoke against God. They said, “Can God prepare a table in the wilderness? Behold, He struck the rock, so that the waters gushed out, and streams were overflowing. Can He give bread also? Will He provide meat for His people?”

I do not desire to kindle Your anger by putting You to the test to provide nor do I want to be disobedient to my husband and be a poor steward of the money You provide.


The Holy Spirit gives the power to live obediently. Thank You, Holy Spirit. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

58- The Holy Spirit

58- The Holy Spirit

In Japan we had acutely realized our need for more teaching, more enlightenment, more growth in Christ.

When we returned from Japan we continued attending the EFree church. Yet, soon after we returned, we became very interested when a couple in the church began talking about the Holy Spirit. The subject was not taken up by the leadership as a topic to be pursued, but our interest was keen. We chose to change churches to pursue our quest for a deeper relationship with Jesus. Life Center church became our home church for many years.

Through new friends, we met Dick Munn and he prayed over us for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When he was praying for Dan, he said his hands got very very hot and Dan began speaking in tongues fluently. I, on the other hand, while experiencing the same man’s prayers on the same night needed to pursued the Lord on and off for months to receive my prayer language!

woman praying
Crying out to the Lord to receive my prayer language.

Many days when the boys went down for their naps, I would kneel by our bed and I would seek God on the matter. One day I heard very clearly: “You don’t want to let go of control of your tongue. You are not willing to trust Me in this.” The conviction came, and I realized He was right! I agreed with Him and turned fully to Him, and began giving Him full access to renewing my mind and releasing my language. And finally after more seeking and praying tongues came. Thank You, Jesus.

At Life Center we joined the class that one of the elders, Bruce McKaig, was teaching about HEALING. This fed our hungry spirits and we began putting the teachings to use in our home, taking advantage of most illnesses to practice our new faith. We still went to the doctor. We combined faith and medicine.

God had arrested our attention in Japan that we were blocked in spiritual power. The couple who was seeking Holy Spirit fullness piqued our interest so that we pursued the Holy Spirit in a church that believed in His real power to heal and deliver. The prayer in the Munn’s home brought us to the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the healing class expanded personal power and increased our faith in our knowledge of the Spirit’s power.

We were also reading books like They Speak with Other Tongues by John Sherrill, which is Episcopal priest’s Dennis Bennett’s story of the experience he had in 1960 of his personal Pentecost. I also read Prison to Praise, by Merlin Carothers. When everything seemed to be against him, he was advised by a Christian to stop complaining about his problems and start praising God FOR each problem! It changed his life and sharing this principle became his world-wide ministry, and it continues today after his death. When he was baptized in the Spirit, he was filled with overwhelming love for everyone he saw. The book can be accessed online as a pdf.

47- Who Can Save Me?

47- Who Can Save Me?

Feb 5, 1980

Problem: Not wanting to get up in the morning. Overly concerned with sleep needs. Wrestled 45 minutes with myself about getting going today. All I do is work, everything is work. There’s nothing to look forward to. Never a break—no shopping, nothing new, no treats, no movies or exciting dinners. Just drudgery. This is deep because until the last few days I’ve still had joy and managed to cope. But the extra burden with two overnight visitors in 3 days (missionaries),  a one day break, and tonight Shawn and Amy, and Friday night Donna S. None of these are in themselves gruesome. God has provided the love in my heart. But I need to go do something different: be a guest, get out. I also need to get housework done and for it to be clean and orderly here. Too burdensome to be tense about someone opening the oven! I don’t even know what would help. I would feel guilty spending a cent for clothes or fancy food. I couldn’t enjoy them. We’re grubbing for daily groceries, and the last 2 months’ furnace oil bills, baby doctor, overdue power bill, phone bill. Dan needs work pants, Timmy needs rubber pants, we need birthday gifts for Megan and Connie and Jerry. I have not been receiving much in the Word. Sunday mornings I am usually called to the nursery to comfort Timmy, and Sunday nights I stay home with him.

Who can save me? Jesus Christ my Lord.

 Feb 22, 1980 A radio spot: In the Christian life we are like the trapeze artist who lets go of one bar and turns mid-air for the other–God calls us to turn from our fears and make leaps of faith for Him!! 

I’m hearing You, Jesus Christ my Lord!

Turning from one bar and reaching mid-air for the next one
Turning from one bar and reaching mid-air for the next one~it’s okay, He’s got me!

Feb 28, 1980 Springs in the Valley, Mrs. C.E. Cowman: UP!…is not the LORD gone out before thee? Judges 4:14 God has guided the heroes and saints of all ages to do things which the common sense of all the community has regarded as ridiculous and mad. Have you ever taken risks for Christ?  -Charles E. Cowman 

Also: Had Moses failed to go, had God granted his prayer, there would have been for him…no pillar of fire…no smiting of the sea…only 40 years of desert, watching with his sheep. J.R. Miller

I’m hearing You, Jesus Christ my Lord!

41- Precious Goodbyes from Precious Friends

41- Precious Goodbyes from Precious Friends

March 6, 1979

Yesterday we received a letter from Dan’s ex-boss, Dale, that the job is still Dan’s (interesting jobs that please Dan), along with the freedom to also be involved in ministry. Thank You!

Two days ago Mr. Moore suggested Sue take us in the van all the way to Zurich on Friday! Thank You Jesus! (rather than part way and a train the rest of the way)

Yesterday I called my parents and was greeted with cheerfulness. Thank You Jesus! 

Our friends gave us a baby-shower-goodbye-SURPRISE party! God humbles us in various ways.

In reality, there were 100 happy faces!
In reality, there were 100 happy faces!

May we never forget the sea of loving faces. Chas: I learned about Christian marriage. Ed: they listened. Abraham (Kenya): they loved the simple-minded (which he was NOT). Kathy Jansen: they listened and told me the right thing even if I did not want to hear it. Terri: G’s example of not having to be in the middle, but content to pray. Angel: they helped. Sue: we cried together. Tom: not separated by age from them. Daniel: example. Notes, candy boxes, baby cover-up. Principal and his wife Anita: baby sweater. VP Herb and Penny: a very cute German baby outfit. Speeches. Hugs. Tears. 

May the love shown to us here rejoice our hearts forever. May God’s grace enable us to be available to these dear ones as we have boldly offered ourselves (for visits). May they know it was Jesus between us, and many prayers, never enough, but many prayers of intercession.

Thank You, God our Father for the unspeakable great gift of Jesus Christ.

40- Leery of Reading the Word

40- Leery of Reading the Word

February 8, 1979

Problem: Fear about reading the Word, in studying, and in doing devotions—that I will be led astray. Lack of full trust and dependence on the Holy Spirit—my heart says: remember what happened before and how far you got into a lie (when I believed as a new Christian that God was telling me that I was going to marry a particular person and I was derailed….)

Lord, I just want to hear from you...
Lord, I just want to hear from you…

Realization: I did not have awareness then in my first few months of being a new believer of my deceitful heart. I was immature. I did not know the difference between my voice building me up and the spirit of the evil one (I will be God, I will be lifted up) and the spirit of submission to the almighty Lord, the spirit of humility.

Application: Joshua 6:1-20 God gave a promise. God gave instructions. God expected obedience and God would give victory. OBEDIENCE isn’t an OPTION. Trust and obey. For me: the promise of a child who is a reward [The fruit of the womb is His reward. Ps 127:3]  –and is who is blessed. Walk by faith. Trust Him. Obey Him. ‘Don’t shout’ means to me: don’t complain, murmur, worry aloud, doubt aloud. Take your woes to Daddy and your heart should be abundant with faith in Him.

26- My Side of the Story

26- My Side of the Story

 The humiliating experience of being a car hop was so good for me. Friends had needed me and part of me was really happy to help out.

[Remember that I had desired to be a maid because I liked to help people.] Yet, the daily mortification was wearying.

My friend, Linda, who had been worrying about me during those months of car hopping, came through for me big time. Her husband managed a plant nursery and needed a cashier and she got me the job!

bunch-of-daisiesDaisies and roses and grape ivy were about the only plants I was able to recognize. I had never used a cash register, so I fumbled and blundered a lot. The customers wanted advice on shrub care and proper insecticides to use on trees. My immediate boss, Bruce, became as frustrated with me as Georgia had been. Oh me, oh my. Continue reading “26- My Side of the Story”

25- Our Courtship

25- Our Courtship

Our hero, Dan, having recently returned to his home town, Reno, found himself falling in love.

A back story that is relevant: The first time Al came into the place Dan was working, the way the light was shining through the windows behind him, Dan thought an angel had just entered the room. It seemed at the time like an unusual supernatural experience.

Dan was working in his brother’s shop but also looking for a full-time job. When Al realized that Dan had been in construction he invited him to relocate and to work with him in building his house in Colorado. Dan was still recovering from his divorce, so the job offer filled a need and it was indeed a life-line. Within a few months, Dan became born again. By the time the job ended and Dan felt the Lord’s leading to return home, Al and Barbara thought of Dan as a son and protectively wanted to be sure his brand new faith in God would be nourished.

Dan found refuge in our warehouse church, where he was quickly embraced. Wanting to serve, he worked at several janitorial jobs, kept the tape notebook in order, worked the transparency machine during worship, and taught a Sunday School class. The friendships he made and the many church activities became an exciting new life. In the men’s fellowship meetings he learned about being a Christian husband, teaching him many things he hadn’t known in his first marriage.

We met in October and had been becoming very good friends since then. I was learning to trust men again, after all of my cavorting as a divorcé. Continue reading “25- Our Courtship”

20- Drastic Changes in the New Me

20- Drastic Changes in the New Me

In November, 1974, I had stepped into the tail-end of the Charismatic Renewal and the Holy Spirit was still very powerful and empowering.

My old life—the  heaviness and condemnation of my divorce, my loose lifestyle, seeking happiness and personal fulfillment in dangerous places—no longer fit. I knew it right away.

Within a few days, with the help of my student teacher, Linda, I had moved out of a bad living situation, into a cute, sparkling clean, red brick house on a quiet street in what is now called the midtown area of Reno.

I went to church Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, Tuesday night prayer meetings, and Wednesday night Bible study. All of us singles filled up the front rows of the church and worshiped the Lord with all our hearts. We were so grateful for salvation, for deliverance from sin and self, and we wanted to know Jesus, and love Him, and be filled with His love for others. Continue reading “20- Drastic Changes in the New Me”

19-The Prodigal Daughter Runs Home

19-The Prodigal Daughter Runs Home

In my soul-searching over my dad’s slide into alcoholism, it seemed imperative that I talk to someone about my confusion and my questions as soon as possible.

Looking around at the people in my life, I beheld the merrymakers in the bars, my partying girlfriends, and the teachers I knew.

There were two women on the faculty who stood out.

When I expressed an interest in finding out more about her relationship with God, Raina*, who seemed like a very spiritual woman, invited me to dinner. After dessert she excitedly led me into a room where there were exhibited on a dresser top several small pictures depicting Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and some other religious figures.

Continue reading “19-The Prodigal Daughter Runs Home”